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Tales of Empowerment

  • Bharmiben Jeevan

    Almost all of the rural women working with Okhai feel a need for the brand in their life as much as the brand itself needs them, says Bharmiben who has been working as a quality check incharge for the last five years. Bharmiben ensures that every product that comes out of the centre is of excellent quality. She says, "Quality is of almost importance at Okhai ...

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  • Lakhu Ben

    Lakhu Ben, a master craftswoman at Okhai used to be a construction worker who broke stones for a living. Solely through he Okhai income she put her kids through school and built a home. She is the lady who samples the applique designs at the Okhai centre, in her work she empowers many more women who work on applique products.

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    Laxmiben is one of the Master Cutter at Okhai and has been associated with the handicrafts project for the last 12 years. Managing a group of 20 women, she specialises in cutting and designing colour patterns. Okhai has helped women like Laxmiben become monetarily independent while also helping them develop their individual skills.

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  • Ramiben Nangesh

    Ramiben Nangesh has been an active member of Okhai for the last 12 years — designing, cutting and stitching fabric to weave together a work of magic. She is among the 450 rural women for whom Okhai has created a livelihood. Explaining the grading process at Okhai, Ramiben says that they have developed a system of grading the women in terms of the...

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    Sabhaiben is a leader in the making, who has been with Okhai for last 12 years. Her work includes organising fabric from the OST and then getting them to the Okhai centre, where kits are prepared. She then ensures that the kits reach the SHG members who work from home. She says, "Finishing my household chores, I head to OST and collect the fabric...

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