Our Tribe


The Team


Kirti Poonia

Head - Okhai

Kirti leads Okhai's efforts towards women empowerment by ensuring that we operate with the same rigour as any other fashion brand in the world. In the past she has worked with several Tata companies in business and strategy roles as a part of the TAS program. For her, building Okhai is a childhood dream, now being lived.

Nusrat Dayamakumar

Sales & Sourcing Head

With her passion for apparel, Nusrat drives sales and operations at Okhai. A textile engineer and MBA in international marketing, Nusrat comes from a garment sales and manufacturing background. One of the pillars Okhai rests on, she brings a rich and varied experience with her. She ensures that our products reach Okhai's customers with utmost quality.



“What comes from the people must go back to the people many times over.” - Mr JRD Tata

The spirit of volunteering is an integral part of the Tata ethos and Okhai adopts a similar attitude towards volunteering. We welcome people who would like to give back to society in their own way. Volunteers bring their talent, skills and interests to improve the quality of life of the people they serve and do things beyond themselves.

The volunteering programme has succeeded at Okhai as it benefits everyone who is linked with the programme – the volunteers grow and learn from their interaction with the community; their work helps the community in both tangible and intangible ways, and the goodwill thus created helps the company in building the brand as well as in strengthening the enduring relationship with the community.

Volunteers work for no reward other than their own development and that of the community which they serve.

Volunteering opportunities at Okhai Centre for Empowerment

Since Okhai deals predominantly with livelihood generation activities - mainly in the field of garments, we welcome persons working in this field.

Designing: Designers working on product lines similar to ours may pitch in with our designing team and develop designs for the women to work on.

Production: We have a stitching unit at Mithapur, while the patchwork and other crafts are undertaken in nearby villages.

Sales and exhibitions: We regularly conduct exhibitions across India, at various corporate offices. We also participate in trade fairs. Would you be willing to help us during these exhibitions?

Do get in touch with us! We would be very happy to welcome you on board.


Our Volunteers


Namrata Ganguly

Artist & Designer

Namrata is our social media genius and we cannot imagine this journey without her. She has made several trips to Mithapur to live with us and learn about the way we operate. She has taken the initiative to bring very talented designers to us and helped us address the problem of textile waste by designing products with it. Her efforts towards women empowerment at Okhai can be seen in the following we have on social media.

Marie Gon

Artist & Designer

Marie Gon is a colour expert who recently came to Mithapur and helped us understand what the interiors of Europeans homes look like. She then conducted a workshop on colour selection for the European market and helped us create a collection of home products for the western market.

Rhea Shah

Artist & Designer

Rhea helps Okhai with design, sales, strategic marketing and much more. Her insights and proactive volunteering has helped Okhai grow manifold.

Ann-Kathrin Franke

Digital Marketing & E-commerce Business

Anni helped manage Social Media Marketing for Okhai in 2015. Experimenting with digital tools, gaining insights from big data and people, and working with Okhais artisans is the best part of her job, she says. 

Sanjana Chatlani

Branding & Communication

Sanjana has been working on growth initiatives for Okhai, supporting digital marketing campaigns, developing communications for brand awareness, her creativity and commitment towards Okhai’s growth is helping Okhai take the leap. 

Ayesha Kapadia

Artist & Designer

Ayesha Kapadia is an artist and designer from Bombay. Her work explores different materials and mediums that she plays with to be able to express herself artistically. She lived with the artisans in Mithapur and helped design a contemporary collection.