What we do

Okhai continues its march towards fulfilling its vision of being a brand that symbolizes empowerment of rural/semi urban women and at the same time recognises and promotes the dying handicraft of each of the region.

Tata Chemicals Society for Rural Development (TCSRD) has played a pioneering role in promoting the Saurashtra handicrafts at Mithapur, Karjobi at Babrala and jute craft at Haldia under one brand “OKHAI”. The members of the Self Help Groups (SHGs) formed by TCSRD are the backbone of this handicrafts project as they themselves are involved in developing and promoting their native craft.

This year’s main focus has been on the development of the brand and the business. To ensure this, a number of steps have been taken to help improve both – the back-end, i.e., the process of production of rural goods, and the front end, i.e., marketing, sales and branding. At the back-end, production has steadily increased through sustained efforts and better planning. The turnaround time from the placement of order to production to delivery time has been drastically reduced by over 25 hours! The setting up of a design studio at Ahmedabad has helped in better showcasing of samples and designs of the products.

Employing an experienced and dedicated tailor-master and a designer on the Okhai rolls has enhanced production to display a wider product range. This has also encouraged the women at Mithapur to venture into trying to develop new cuts and patterns. Ongoing training in the various processes is carried out on a continuous basis at the stitching center at Mithapur, which, in turn has contributed to enhance quality and increase the speed of production. The raw materials too are being procured directly from manufacturers with no middlemen, thereby acquiring them at optimum prices.

Raw material sourcing options are evaluated regularly. This has helped in getting regular orders and generating business. Special training on costing and visual merchandising has also helped staff at Okhai to work out the right costing. At the front end various positive moves were taken to promote Okhai as a brand which helped to increase and widen the customer base.

Marketing initiatives

Stand alone outlets and handicraft centre: Okhai products are sold at 13 outlets

We also try to increase reach by associating with prominent retail stores. Okhai products are available at the following stores across India: